Pouring Water on Troubled Oil

ریختن آب بر‌ آتش نفت

In 1951, the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas travelled Iran on an assignment to write a propaganda film for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. Thomas's job, he would later remark, was to “pour water on troubled oil”. Combining colonial archival photographs with Thomas's lyrical account, this documentary film follows the poet's journey through the country, capturing his haunting vision of oil and modernity, as a political upheaval for oil nationalization unfolds.

Director: Nariman Massoumi | 2023 | 26 Min.
Language: English/Persian with English subtitles
Country: United Kingdom
German Premiere

Screenings and tickets

Saturday 1 June 2024, 15:00

Thursday 30 May 2024, 19:00


Selected Festivals:

  • It’s All True International Documentary Festival

  • Alchemy Film and Moving Arts Festival

  • Cinema Ambiente


Nariman Massoumi (b. Tehran, 1980) is a filmmaker and Senior Lecturer in Film and Television at University of Bristol, United Kingdom. He has a background in documentary television production at BBC and produced a number of short films which have screened at international festivals.